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Conceived as both an artwork and experiment in sound engineering, Book of Dreams: chapter sand is an electro-acoustic performance installation featuring environmental design and sound-reactive video by GLMMR and an electronic composition by David Adam Moore, created to interlock with vocal composition by David T. Little. Performed without microphones, it explores uncharted sound worlds by creating a symbiosis between un-amplified vocals and an electronic accompaniment that is precisely engineered to integrate with the acoustic properties of an operatically-produced voice at high volume levels. The text by poet Sonja Krefting depicts a strange world of sand, mirrors, and scorpions; a dream labyrinth that foretells, and perhaps forges a connection with the afterlife. The music itself reflects this strange world: dynamics bob and weave and scansion is sometimes askew; fragments blow by quickly, or become the subject of obsession. It premiered to a sold-out audience at National Sawdust in a performance described by contemporary music journalist Jeremy Hirsch as "unpretentious and utterly enjoyable while it effectively told a treacherous story.”

BOOK OF DREAMS: chapter sand


David Adam Moore - electronic score

David T. Little - vocal score (available via Boosey & Hawkes)



Sonja Krefting


Performed by:

David Adam Moore


Stage Direction:

Vita Tzykun

Environment, Character, & Sound-Reactive Video Design:

Vita Tzykun & David Adam Moore (GLMMR)

Projection Engineering & Lighting Design:

Maxwell Bowman

Sound Design and Engineering:

David Adam Moore

Live Sound Engineering and Sound Spatialization:

Garth MacAleavey 

Commissioned and Produced by: 

The Casement Fund

Sparks and Wiry Cries

National Sawdust Artist Residency

Presented by: 

National Sawdust (NYC)

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