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I believe that singing is the most beautiful thing that can be done with the human body.

A primal scream in filigree. A delicate and powerful connection from one soul to another. This is the premise from which we approach our journey in this studio. No matter your stylistic orientation or experience level, we will engage with singing as an element of personal empowerment, an athletic discipline, and with a shared duty to bring more beauty into this world.



I've spent my entire career so far under the mentorship of two influential vocal technicians: Richard Miller, who gave me my technical foundation, taught me how to teach, and with whom I lectured on vocal acoustics, conducted voice research, and co-authored scholarly articles; and Patricia McCaffrey, who has helped me continue to develop my technique and navigate every stage of my performing career. My teaching approach combines Miller's basis in acoustics and physiology with McCaffrey's emphasis on efficiency, flexibility, and immediate results, both of which have produced some of the most celebrated classical and pop vocalists of our time. My other teachers include Anne Sofie von Otter, Sir Thomas Allen, Mark Schnaible, Vladimir Braun, and Sir Donald McIntyre - each has been instrumental in shaping my artistic and technical foundation. 



As a vocal technician, I enjoy working with voice users in a wide variety of musical styles and experience levels. I also work with professional voice users such as teachers, public intellectuals, and TV presenters to help optimize their speaking voices. My students include Metropolitan Opera soloists, pop singers, synagogue cantors, university voice professors, cabaret performers, and professional speakers.


I teach private sessions on Zoom and in-person from studios in Manhattan and Rutherford, NJ. I also serve on the faculty of the National Theater Institute at the historic Eugene O'Neill Center in Waterford, CT, and teach masterclasses at universities and conservatories worldwide.

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