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music: Michael Nyman

text: Christopher Rawlence

production concept and design: GLMMR

stage direction: David Adam Moore & Vita Tzykun

scenic, costume, and projection design: David Adam Moore & Vita Tzykun

lighting design: Maxwell Bowman

projection engineering: Maxwell Bowman

neuroscience advisor: Dr. Randall Hamilton

neuroscience advisor: Dr. Bruce Hughes

conductor: Matthew Kraemer

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra

Dr. P: Tony Dillon

Mrs. P: Emily Ann Pulley

Dr. S: Brian Joyce


produced by: Indianapolis Opera

The case of Dr. P. is one that reminds us of the mystery and fragility of human experience. Everything that is most dear to us - our personalities, values, relationships, emotional life, sensory perception - is dependent upon a delicately tuned web of synapses and neurons in our brains that can be instantly altered by any number of traumas or diseases. When the brain loses its ability to put an object or experience into context, many questions are raised about what exactly it means to be human.


In bringing this story to life, we (like Dr. S., whose character is based on the renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks) wanted to understand what it's like to see the world through Dr. P's eyes, or rather, through his brain. We began the process by consulting with a team of neurologists who enthusiastically shared their time and expertise with us, offering guidance at every stage of the production process, from the way the sets are designed, to the way Dr. P. negotiates his path through a room. This was a perfect match for GLMMR's wholistic creative approach - allowing the most central ideas of the piece to find their voice through every element of the production.


Another aspect we wanted to explore is Mrs. P's role as a caregiver to her husband, Dr. P. She is perhaps the most relatable character in the opera, and serves as a conduit for the emotional distress resulting from Dr. P's disorder. Within the scope of this story, she experiences a journey from denial to realization, acceptance, and ultimately gratitude for every single moment that she has remaining with Dr. P.

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