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music: Franz Schubert

text: Wilhelm Müller

production concept and design: GLMMR

stage direction: David Adam Moore & Vita Tzykun

scenic, costume, and projection design: David Adam Moore & Vita Tzykun

projection engineering: Maxwell Bowman

lighting design: Maxwell Bowman

lighting design - Tel Aviv Museum of Art: Adi Shimrony


David Adam Moore


Daniel Gortler - Tel Aviv

Earl Buys - Atlanta, NYC, Kansas

Nicholas Fox - Portland

David Neely - Des Moines

Thomas Jaber - Houston


produced and presented by:

Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Felicja Blumenthal Festival)

Atlanta Opera

Portland Opera

Des Moines Art Center (Des Moines Metro Opera)

National Sawdust NYC

Anchorage Opera

Old Stone House NYC (Sparks and Wiry Cries)

Hesston College 

Houston Community College

video content shooting locations:


Bonneville Salt Flats

Des Moines

White Sands National Monument


video content directors of photography:

David Adam Moore

Vita Tzykun

James Daniel

Karin Wolverton

video content actors:

ChristinaNoel Reaves

Andrew Nolen 

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