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When the machine breathes her last…

Machines bring to mind coldness, efficiency — perhaps the opposite of humanity.  Yet, we’ve become inextricably linked to them. They keep us alive and help us fall in love. Are we an extension of the machines, or they an extension of us? Death Throes of a Gorgeous Machine explores that delicate membrane where the body ends and begins. Obedience, efficiency, vulnerability, and the discovery of its complete opposite realm of existence… seen through a real-time interplay of sculpted light, sound, voice, and flesh.  The human body deconstructs physically and emotionally as the other elements present in the piece — light and sound — become more complex and powerful.


A collaboration between ChristinaNoel Reaves, Vita Tzykun, Aeric Meredith-Goujon, and David Adam Moore

Choreography, Dance, and Live Vocals:

ChristinaNoel Reaves 

Original Music, Interactive Video and Sound Design:

David Adam Moore 


Production Design:

Vita Tzykun



Aeric Meredith-Goujon

Commissioned and Produced by: 


Presented by: 

Choreo Theatro (NYC)

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